Shva Technotec Ltd. is a leading provider of green solutions for environment pollution, wastewater treatment and

odor control.

Shva’s solutions includes active environment quality management services at municipal, public, and agricultural sites.

Shva employs state of the art Eco Friendly products and technologies for immediate odor relief.

Shva specializes in unique solutions based on environment-friendly bio-augmentation technology, using a green

bacterial treatment of pollution.The solutions include:

• Pre treatment for industrial wastewater (screening, bio-augmentation, ph adjusting etc)

• In situ bacterial treatment of wastewater

• Floating Oil and Grease (FOG) treatment

• Ambient scenting

• Neutralization and odor control in industrial and commercial applications.

Shva Technotec employs world-leading active bacterial treatment technologies and collaborates with leading North

American and European providers of enzymes and other bacterial products. Shva’s solutions comply with the relevant

national and international environmental regulations.

Customer benefits

Shva’s wastewater treatment dramatically reduces the customers’ wastewater purification and sludge removal costs,

while ensuring compliance with regulations of content of hazardous materials in wastewater.

Shva’s odor control solutions improve image and attractiveness of business facilities. Tailor made solutions for specific

odor problems are provided using Shva’s complete arsenal of technologies.


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